The Girl Who Doesn’t Like Other Girls

mean girls
jon glanville

I apologize in advance because I even have some friends who say this, but I really need to get this topic off my chest.

Ladies, can we stop saying “I don’t like girls”?
I find this statement to actually be an attitude problem, because when you think about it

You’re not special just because you think you’ve separated yourself from the “pettiness, fickleness, and drama” that is women.
Stereotypically speaking, saying “I don’t like girls” is the most “girl” thing to say. It doesn’t get more immature, petty, fickle, or dramatic than saying those words.
Instead you should clarify yourself: “I try to stay away from petty, fickle, dramatic people because they often cause a lot of unwanted stress and irritation in my life.”
This is a completely understandable statement! It still includes your personal feelings while encompassing both males and females as the later “I don’t like girls” can be seen as a bit misogynist.
For example, I have a very small number of friends most of whom are girls. I’m proud to say that my life is void of any unnecessary, irritating drama nor am I involved in constant fights, nor am I forced to take sides. Why? Because my friends aren’t petty, fickle, and dramatic. If they were, we wouldn’t be friends. Why? Because no one is forcing me to be friends with anyone. Why? Because I’m not a child. I choose the people that I want to spend free time with and in turn I’m as happy as can be!
Turning to an all male entourage will not solve your problems. You are still a woman and will be seen as such by your male friends. If they can befriend a woman, why can’t you?
So, to the ladies who say “I don’t like girls” I’m very sorry that the women you chose, or were forced around, were so emotionally and mentally straining, but that’s not a sex thing or a gender thing – that’s a human thing.
This is,


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