Virgin Manifesto

Do people still know what virgin means?

Do people know that you can’t “catch” virgin?

Did urban dictionary mix up the definition for virgin with “cannibal

who boils newborn babies and force feeds them to the parents before eating their faces”?

Was that long example too dramatic?

Should I even apologize for that on my own blog?

Should I get back to the point?

Did we get so caught up in ending slut shaming and liberating women to take control of their own bodies that we in turn became intolerant or suspicious or judgmental of virgins?

Did this liberation in turn make everyone – especially men – assume that no woman would ever CHOOSE to be a virgin?

Did women attend some kind of meeting mandating that if another woman admitted to being a virgin said girl would be forced into a press conference answering a billion personal questions about her nonexistent libido?

And how many women lied about not being sexually active to their doctors to the point that just to get some birth control for repenting-to-the-lord cramps you have to swear on the bible and sign your name in blood to get the doctor to believe you’re still 100% a virgin?

Why do some women still want to sleep around but can’t bear to actually BE SEEN as a woman who sleeps around?

But then again, why can’t some women just admit to being a virgin?

Since when did being a virgin get more shocked and scared reactions than admitting to sleeping with 8 different men last week?

Do guys just expect all women to step up already down instead of taking a girl out, getting to know her, changing a tire or buying a meal, before getting some? Or just actually doing SOMETHING to get it?

Since when did having the standard of “actually liking the person” before giving it up become too high maintenance?

Since when did turning down the smelly-can’t-keep-his-eyelids-raised-drunken guy’s advances become too prudish?

Since when did being a virgin become just a pretentious act or even a discipline of holy restraint?

Maybe sex was just never discussed.

And it’s none of your business regardless.

This is,
P.S. And regardless of what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with, get tested 🙂


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