The Mrs.Carter Show – Atlanta

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour
The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

I’m about 99% sure now that Beyonce is in fact just another child of God and not a computer generated hologram or a beautiful, complex algorithm.

This was just an idea back in February and before I realized it – it was Friday, July 12th and I was riding in the car towards the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta
with my two girls Nicole and Nancy. (Both talented in their own right so check em out!)

It was a hard wait outside due to a three hour storm and a completely small and disorganized staff that led to mass shoving and running and stumbling to the floor. We grabbed a spot by the Bey Stage (we expected 5-6 songs but only got 3 but who’s complaining?)

I screamed, I danced, I sung my heart out, I stared stunned silent, and I danced some more.

Beyonce’s tour ain’t over yet….

Hope to see you again real soon Mrs. Carter.

This is,

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