The Big Chop

no tears. no knots.
no tears. no knots.

Those that grew up with me know I was all about my hair.

Pounds and pounds of hair.

I got my first relaxer against my will at 4 years old and though I envisioned death

coming for me as I sat in the salon chair, scalp on fire, fingers clawing at the chair – I got home and swished my new straightened pounds and pounds of hair in front of my friends.

Fast forward to my freshman year of high school and I decided that I wanted to rock the natural look. I lasted 4 months before crawling back to the salon.

Then by some blessed miracle my hair started to grow faster and longer and I was swishing that stuff all over during dance team performances. (Holla T-ettes!)

But then came college where I was not only separated from my hair stylist of 8 years but my minimum wage paychecks that paid for my $70 hair trips.

Amongst all the newly and always natural black women around my campus and the city, I decided to give it a second try.

One full year later – I finally chopped off my straight locks.

Shout out to Nancy for filming/ keeping me from running away.


This is,
P.S.¬†For any other relaxed dames considering going natural and don’t know how to start, hit me up! I’ll tell you all about my hair journey and the wonderful women and their blogs that helped me.

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