Nutella is stupid (and other stuff)

I’ve officially had enough of your nutella.

I don’t want nutella on my toast.
I don’t want nutella on my fruit.
I don’t want nutella in my drinks.

Why do you love nutella so much? Like SO MUCH?

Nothing is that healthy if you eat it all the freakin time!

“Oh! I’m such a fatty eating nutella and fruit!”

NO! You’re just lacking other nutritional values by only eating a bunch of water and sugar!

Why do you think you can’t walk in heels down the sidewalk? Most likely cause your attempting to walk in 5-6″ platforms down broken concrete with alcohol in your system – BUT – also because you lack calcium and protein.

“I’ve only had one coffee today.” *spoken at 7:38pm*


I applaud you for starving yourself for fun while someone just outside of the building you’re standing in hasn’t eaten in DAYS! Hell, the student sitting next to you might not have eaten all day BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ANY FOOD AT HOME!

I understand people have busy schedules, and I myself can forget to eat when I’m running around taking care of things and feeling stressed but I don’t wear it like a freakin badge.

Oh why don’t we all get cute points for being skinny simply because we just don’t need to eat?

“I eat just like a guy!”


I didn’t know eating a full course meal and enjoying it was a man’s occupation.

And I thought starving yourself is what made you cute?


It’s okay to eat just like a guy if you look just like a stick! Then it’s like a different kind of badge.


Yes, I recognize that I too talk about how much I eat but I compare it to nothing and nobody else. I eat mass amounts of the food I want whenever I want because I want to. And because of the cancer and heart disease prevalent in my family I do workout often to try and balance the mass amounts of food I want whenever I want to eat it because I want to.

I try my best to reframe from shaming the women who eat like human beings.

“Well, isn’t this shaming women too?”

Well, you could say that, but in America’s misogynistic society, at least, skinny women aren’t shamed for their eating habits.

I understand that it isn’t fair to tell a tiny girl to “eat something and put some meat on them bones” when she is naturally tiny – but in most of those situations the attacker is another woman and while this is still sad I’m very confident that the girl will still be sought after and found attractive by many if not most if not all men.

You know who gets crap for eating a lot from both sides? Big women. And instead of being found attractive by many if not most if not all men, they have to stick to the “niche” group of men who like bumpy women and deal with the insults and avoidance of men who don’t.

Eat whatever you want when you want because you want to. But please cut the cute crap.

Stop fishing for compliments.
Stop shaming other women.
Stop giving men an excuse to shame women.

It ain’t cute.

Just do you.

But keep that stank nutella away from me.

And quit trickin me thinking y’all got sweet potato pie and it’s stank pumpkin.

This is,


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