I’m on a cloud, people – recognize.


My apologies, people, for being MIA this past month! My first quarter of the school year is officially over and I’m still surprised that I didn’t spontaneously catch on fire and burn to death. There were a few deadline days that I kinda wished I did. Spending winter break back home in the place that only knows of its own existence means I finally have time to work on the blog!



iPhone 5c

1. I am now a part of the iPhone family.
Despite how much I may have chastised it in the past, I am now amazed by how easy syncing everything is. I CAN FINALLY USE THE CLOUD! I’VE BEEN MAKING IT RAIN ALL WEEK!

2. My parent’s bought new carpet. It’s fluffy and brown. Like me.

3. Phillip is back in my life. His side mirror finally got replaced, but he still has that old man, gasoline and cigarette smell.

4. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?! QOTSA just throws me out the window every time it’s ridiculous I love it!

5. I am redesigning the blog! It’s been on the agenda for a few months now, but I just haven’t had the time to put all my attention on it. New template. New format. New stuff. Hooray! So if you happen to visit at some random time in between new posts, please excuse the mess – I’m trying things out.

6. I didn’t fail my hella difficult Storytelling & Style in Cinema class! (Shout out to my peeps Jose & Jake for keeping me a float…and the really cool sistah with the good style & locs that always sat in front of us. One day I’ll be cool enough to be your friend. One day).

THE BEST FOR LAST *drum roll*
7. I am joining a group of the dopest women in blogdom for a new blog called “From A Wildflower“. The project was created by a blogger I’ve been obsessed with for a long minute now, Kimberly Luxe. The site launches January 1st featuring real, raw talk from your sistah on the other line. I’ll be throwing more promo your way so watch out!



This is,

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