Yoncè, don’t give me that look.


I understand that I am just another bee in the hive, but does your team not even care that I’m a full time student?
My holiday break only lasts so long. Spring break is just one week. I plan on continuing to work on campus and take classes over the summer.

Beyoncè, can I call you Beyoncè? Okay Mrs. Carter.
Mrs. Carter, I’m a double major with a minor.
Mrs. Carter, I don’t get my tuition payments back from my school if I get put on academic probation.
Mrs. Carter, while I don’t get much sleep on the regular basis anyway, I do need at least four hours to guarantee that I won’t jump people in the streets or set a building on fire.
Mrs. Carter, I pay my tithes.
Mrs. Carter, I need to focus on my work too.
Mrs. Carter, I have dreams and goals and ambitions too.
Mrs. Carter, is there actually special glitter-and-weave crack-cocaine that blasts out of the confetti canons?
Mrs. Carter, did you have this all in mind back in the day? Like in the Carmen and The Fighting Temptations days?
Mrs. Carter, was there a borderline bankruptcy in the Carter household unknown to the public that drove such a move as December 13, 2013?
Mrs. Carter, did you realize that when you played the promo for BEYONCÈ at the Chicago concert most people assumed that “Continued in Part 2” meant – BEYONCÈ Part 2?
Mrs. Carter, while I don’t want to seem ungrateful for 14 songs and 17 videos, I can’t help but ask why we can’t receive a Part 2?
Mrs. Carter, hey.
Mrs. Carter, I know I previously said that I am a busy individual with other priorities and responsibilities and expenses, but I can’t help but ask – if we’re already still lost in the desert where you threw us, can’t you send in another fix until we finally find our way back?
Mrs. Carter, I recognize that Part 2 could insinuate a Part 3, but I can’t help but ask – ain’t there?
Mrs. Carter, I understand that a Part 2 and Part 3 can take some time and extensive work with choreography and costumes and locations and mostly your weaves, which is why I was wondering if maybe Solange could drop us something to hold us over?
Mrs. Carter, you do know I only ask this because ever since Beyoncè the 13th I can only really listen to you and Solange without coming off my high?
Mrs. Carter, thank you for your time.
*puts concert tee back into closet*
This is,

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