How to NOT celebrate Black History Month.

one more week left!

1. Do not tell that “February is the shortest month of the year” joke. Everybody knows the joke. So stop. Hell, I’d take just one week for Black History if that meant classrooms would actually teach more than just Dr. King and Rosa Parks – as if my history just began in 1964. But I guess for white America my history did begin in 1964…I digress to say that the joke – much like my public school education – is stale. Move on.

2. Do not serve fried chicken and watermelon in school cafeterias to celebrate Black History Month.

Serve fried chicken and watermelon in school cafeterias because it is delicious. Ya racist…

3. Do not roll your eyes when someone reminds you that February is Black History Month. I take your eye rolls for boredom. Go read something interesting then! You don’t even have to go to a library and read a big ol’ book – just Google some facts. For example:

The Greenwood suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma was a thriving hub for black business until 1921 when the National Guard dropped bombs during America’s most gruesome race riot.
Harry Belafonte was the first African American to receive an Emmy Award for his TV special “Tonight with Harry Belafonte” in 1960.
Before Rosa Park was even a twinkle in someone’s eye, Ida refused to give up her first-class seat in a ladies’ train car. Thus began her long career as an activist, suffragist, journalist, and independent candidate in the complicated world of Chicago politics.
4. Do not expect your educational institution to promote, celebrate, or inform you about Black History Month. No doubt, they should – but unfortunately you can’t expect institutions headed predominantly by older white (men) people to do this. Take charge of your own education – then continue to push for this knowledge to be shared!
5. Do not – in fact – If up until this point you have not followed any of the advice given in this post, please just follow #6.

6. DO NOT mention the words “White History Month” or “Reverse Racism” EVEN in a joking context, as to not confuse anyone and start a riot.

This month is all about learning, understanding and having a conversation so I’m not gonna leave anyone in the dark about these phrases. I won’t even make you read!

This is why you can’t ask “Why isn’t there a White History Month?”
And this why you can’t even mumble the words “reverse racism” to yourself
yes, he is very attractive – praise Him
7. Do not – for my people of non-color – excuse yourself during this month. Black History is American History because without it America would not exist. If you call yourself an American, you should be literate in Black History. Whether you go learn for America, to better understand Black Americans, or just for your own knowledge – go learn. In the Google world we live in, ignorance is no longer a predetermined state – it’s a choice.
Happy Black History Month people!
This is,


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