True Love = Satin Sheets

tumblr couples are the worst. *trips into feelings*

I know what true love is.

Really, I do though.

I don’t know what it feels like – but I do know what it looks like.

I found out during literally a 3 minute conversation with a classmate that I ran into at the gym.

She’s this dope sister with natural hair and freckles who’s in my creative writing class. We don’t get a lot of time to talk in class, so when I passed her walking into the gym, I stopped to say hey.

She complimented my fro and admitted that she often gets too lazy to do anything else with her hair after washing it besides pigtails. I admitted that my fro was just a wash-n-go because I, too, was too lazy to do anything else to it.

I then said I was even too lazy to wrap it up at night.

Then this girl just casually mentioned a friend of hers – let’s call her Blessed – because she is.

Blessed is a sister with a white boyfriend who bought her satin sheets so she wouldn’t have to worry about wrapping up her hair when she stayed with him.

He bought her satin sheets.

That’s a set, ladies and gentlemen – those that fall inside and outside of that binary.

That’s two pillow cases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet.

Just for her. Without her asking.

This white boy doesn’t know anything about the beautiful struggle that is black hair besides what his girlfriend told him – and he decided that he should go buy new linens just so his girlfriend didn’t have to worry about wrapping her hair up tryna look cute before bed.

I’ve shared this story with some friends and we all agree that yes – his race changes the game.

See, if a brother decided to buy his girlfriend satin sheets – that would be nice. He saw his mom. He saw his sister. He has the same hair. Of course he knows. This is a “Thank you, baby!” situation.

This white boy don’t know nothing about taking care of black hair. He ain’t got it. His mom ain’t got it. His sister ain’t got it. His aunt ain’t got it. No one else has it besides his girl, Blessed.

And he listened to her – and he watched her – and he got up one Friday morning – stopped by the bank – took out a good chunk of his paycheck Lord bless his college brokeness – and he stopped by a few retailers to find the best quality for his tax paying dollars – bought a satin sheet set – came home – changed the sheets – and then waited for girl to come over.

I’m not sure how Blessed reacted, but this is a “Now I recognize that we are both still young and mentally and financially unfit to marry and procreate, but I’m letting you know now that when you are  mentally and financially ready – I will be your wife and have your children” situation.

My friend told the story pretty calmly, meanwhile I lost my sight and hearing temporarily.

This is what true love is: white bae buying satin sheets to protect his black girl’s natural edges.

Now, some of you may be thinking “Ew, satin sheets! Gross!”

No. You sleep.

Google “black hair care” and then reread this post. This gesture will turn from tacky and creepy to beautiful and selfless.

Things are still pretty nonexistent in the love department, and unfortunately this story might have given me an unrealistic view of love.

But I could care less.

Much like my people are still waiting for their 40 acres and a mule – I’m still waiting for my satin sheets.

Let us pray.

This is,
P.S. Please share this story that other sisters may know what love looks like.


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