Enlightened Brothas/Aftermath

Hey people,

So a lot of craziness has gone down since we last spoke, so I apologize for being MIA for most of the month.

I’ve just been too busy with school, work, and cleaning up the mess that Tumblr unleashed on my last blog post.

Yup. “Enlightened Brothas” blew up almost a week after I posted it and became the third most read blog post within 24 hours.

The traffic came largely from Tumblr (I wouldn’t have it any other way) and I came out of my Tuesday night class, hurrying through the rain, phone blowing up with notifications, and all I wanted was some fries.

I got my fries, then found a spot in the library to figure out what the hell was going on.

My original post on “Racial Preferences” had 200 notes and counting. The post included an embedded link to “Enlightened Brothas” (which I forgot I had done, so the increase in traffic on MAB scared me originally because that meant Tumblr users creeped on my Tumblr blog to find the link to this blog just to read the post – and that’s a lot of internet-energy which means they cared a lot.)

My inbox was filling up, and the post was reblogged with many Amens and many F*ck Yous.

Shining examples from the night include:

My very first Anon <3<3<3

My first Fangirl & Mutual Fangirl Follow 
brandieblaze makes her own music y’all, go check her out!




The first Male Thank You for the post



My first civil conversation with someone who doesn’t understand the definition of racism, but he bought me chicken so like okay.

I’m not sure how marathon runners feel during the final mile, but I assume it’s something similar to what I felt when the last stupid anons were over and the smoke cleared.

It was exciting honestly.

But I also never wanna experience that again.

You put things out there into the porn-and-cat infested abyss that is the internet and you forget that anyone can see anything at any time. I have no idea why I always forget that when I hit “publish”.

However, even when the red clears and my vision returns, I don’t regret one thing.

When you’ve grown up sensing all the painful realities in life but people constantly tell you there is nothing to worry about, that anger doesn’t leave – it just sits stagnant in your blood. You get older and find sources and whole communities that understand your anger. You learn how to articulate your anger.

You feel validated. You can start trusting the world just a little bit more.

So I don’t apologize for any buttons I’ve pressed.

React. Think critically. Express yourself.

The world will truly be a sad place when everyone falls silent and comfortably sits in apathy.

Stay angry.

This is,
P.S. And thank you so much for continuing to read my blog. I look at the traffic stats at least once a day and I’m always surprised to see y’all reading so much. Whether you agree or nah, I hope you’re still entertained. Never be afraid to holla at me! No subject will ever be taboo – with no exceptions, unlike O’Ren.


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