This is, MAB

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I’m MAB (Most Average Braud) and I’m just like you. I’ve grown up with honest, generous means afforded by two hard working parents that came from poverty. As a child, I played with cousins who asked why I talked like a white girl and played with schoolmates who asked why I talked like a ghetto girl. I fought peers who said black girls were ugly and I fought peers who couldn’t believe me so light unless one of my parents were white. I was raised in the church. I listened to a lot of Destiny’s Child as kid, My Chemical Romance as a tween, Bay area hyphy and Southern trill as a teen, and an odd assortment of Tears for Fears, James Taylor, and Elton John in the car with my dad. I got good grades in high school and attended a private university in the promise that I could continue my parent’s legacy of establishing middle class financial stability. So of course I studied journalism and media. I’m a writer. I’m a descendant of the ones stolen from Africa, but could never keep the lineage traced. I’m a black girl. I’m angry. I’m tired. I’m a little amused. And I’m very proud.

This blog is for you.


Best & Thanks for Coming,


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